Jeff's Lesser Known Music

Holy Grail of Jeff

Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves - Sonny & Cher 
(Live in Las Vegas Vol. 2) 1974

Steely Dan- Pretzel Logic 1974

Tommy Bolin - Teaser 1975

The Cats (never heard of them either) from 75

Murph the Surf Soundtrack 1975


Classic 8th note groove...SIMPLE, but Jeff lays
down the pocket.  Who hasn't come across a 
groove like this and overplayed.? 
Snare comes in like a shotgun!

Slammin' groove from 1978

Pocket at his best!

What to do on a very simple groove?
Some nice snare drags here.

Nice hat work here...great recording.  
Hat groove drives this song.

These types of songs are the hardest to play.
Very good example of how to keep tasty time
on a guitar/vocal driven song.

This was the boxing theme I believe.