Jeff's Lesser Known Music

Most of these tunes I never listened to and would have skipped
when I was younger, but now have that much more appreciation
for Jeff's studio skills.  Lots of variety here trying to capture
the slower tunes as well as up tempo...worth a listen one after
the other knowing Jeff was "bouncing" in and out of studio with
probably little time to get the arranments down and create his
compositions for each.  More love for the guy!

Holy Grail of Jeff

1974: Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves - Sonny and Cher 
(Live in Las Vegas Vol. 2)

1974: Steely Dan- Pretzel Logic 

1975: Tommy Bolin - Teaser 

The Cats (never heard of them either) from 75


Slammin' groove from 1978

Pocket at his best!

What to do on a very simple groove?
Some nice snare drags here

Nice hat work here...great recording.
Hat groove drives this song

These types of songs are the hardest to play.
Very good example of how to keep tasty time
on a guitar/vocal driven song

1984 Olympics: This was the boxing theme I believe

1974...note the open toms...seems like an easy tune
to play but Jeff is doing a lot here...classic studio drumming.
Note how this tune ends...

1975...just another session, but nice little nuances here

1976 (full lp)  

1976:  No doubt about Jeff on this one!
Classic Porcaro here...killer tune that
represents Jeff's playing at this time

1976: Nice hat work here...tune has a lot of changes...
has a Steely Dan feel...sweet ride groove

I include this because it is hard to play...trying to
follow these song writers and make it flow...
just another day in the studio!

1976: Another no doubt this is Jeff groove

...and another hard song to play (I would never listen
to this song when I was young, but now realize how
hard it is to play this in studio)...arrangements bounce
all over and Jeff is ON IT!