* Jeff Performance Videos

Jeff's Instructional Starlicks Video

Radioactive Recording Session

I Keep Forgettin' (1988)

I Keep Forgettin' on Soul Train 1982

Steely Dan LIVE 1974...full concert  Jeff was 20 years old!!!
Jim Hodder also here I believe.

Steely Dan 1974 San Diego; some insightful comments from this video;
"2nd drummer Jeff Porcaro had just turned 20. My wife and I first saw a teenaged Porcaro  drumming for Sonny & Cher at a 1972 concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana... then 2 years later we saw him tandem drumming with Jim Hodder at a Steely Dan concert at Toledo University."

"I use to see him (Jeff) on Sonny & Cher after seeing him at my high school the day before. You should heard his band, Rural Still Life,whom later became Toto. My whole school was really a big booster for Jeff;we were all proud of him. But you shoulda seen them during lunchtime, accompanied by the great Scott Shelly on guitar."

Isolation Sound Check

Greg Mathieson Project Baked Potato Super Live


Karizma Baked Potato Live gig (audio)

Spud Shuffle

Toast for Eli

I Don't Know

Jeff Porcaro, Robbin Ford, Larry Carlton
Live 1977

This just KILLS!