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My first intention was to get the word out! I started this blog years ago in effort to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Jeff’s passing. I was at Jeff’s funeral and that evening went to a Dave Weckl drum clinic. Dave dedicated a shuffle to Jeff…it was moving. MUCH thanks to Robyn Flans with Modern Drummer!

If you are interested in the year-by-year chronology of Jeff's sessions I put together.  HERE

UPDATE ADDED: Jeff's Performances
Steely Dan 1974 (2 shows), Larry Carlton Live, Karizama Live at the Baked Potato, Greg Mathieson Project: Baked Potato Super Live, Jeff Porcaro, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton Live at Baked Potato 1977,  Michael McDonald, TOTO Isolation Soundcheck,  HERE

JUST ADDED: Jeff's lesser known recordings click HERE
A journey through his early days of being a session drummer...worth a listen to see his development in the studio on tracks most of us never heard!

JUST ADDED: Jeff's Modern Drummer Interviews
Go back to 1983 and 1988. History! Great insights to his recording sessions and influences. Also, the CLASSIC Rikki Lee Jones session story!  ALSO...New articles 2017--Remembering Jeff, an interview with Jeff's father Joe with an added comment by guitarist/producer Jay Graydon --MUST READ

JUST ADDED: Jeff's Drum Set History
Some interesting drum forum comments. HERE

Jeff at Musician's Institute
Holy Grail of Jeff up close and personal

 The 1988 CLASSIC worthy of a monthly watch!

The EPIC signature track
Want more Rosanna isolated tracks?


Beautiful Bruce Springsteen Tribute the day after Jeff died


TOTO was all over Thriller... 
Jeff lays it down (drums only)

I don't speak French, but who cares?
Never saw this before as well...

Recording studio video with Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, 
Mike Porcaro and Michael Omartian. SoundHouse Recording Studio, 
Los Angeles, CA - 1990

New video?  Just caught this uploaded 4-2017

TOTO Goodbye Elenore rehearsal...AMAZING!

Youtube comments...
"2nd drummer Jeff Porcaro had just turned 20. My wife and I first saw a teenaged Porcaro  drumming for Sonny & Cher at a 1972 concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana... then 2 years later we saw him tandem drumming with Jim Hodder at a Steely Dan concert at Toledo University...I use to see him (Jeff) on Sonny & Cher after seeing him at my high school the day before. You should heard his band, Rural still Life,whom later became Toto. My whole school was really a big booster for Jeff;we were all proud of him. But you shoulda seen them during lunchtime, accompanied by the great Scott Shelly on guitar.


Time and Groove...nothing else!
For more demos, see "Rare Jeff Recordings"

Before Youtube, this was as epic as it got!  This and was the
holy grail of Porcaro video back in the day.
Great action of Jeff in studio!


Jeff laying such a deep pocket.
That light ride cymbal touch and the
opening fill, so simple yet signature Jeff.
One of his best Ballads ever w/his bro David Paich

Just GROOVE and FEEL all day long!

Signature Jeff fills from this era (1976)

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